What’s new on WhatsApp for Android

The new Whatsapp’s version arrives to all Android Devices.

Are a Whatsapp Fan? Do you have an Android mobile Device? Do you like to be always trendy and updated about latest technologies? Well, this will be usefully and a great tip for you.

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Not a long time ago, the Whatsapp’s users were disillusioned… waiting for a new App interface and they couldn´t see anything coming. It had long time passed before until finally an all new version of Whatsapp was launched with a renewed interface to all android’s users.

Since now, the App was totally renewed: Design and menu appearance, new fonts, conversations and buttons, including new emoticons and some of them were redesigned and relocated.

Today, all Android users can start to use… and enjoy this amazing Whatsapp’s new design.


The App appearance looks so simple and easy to use. Many users could say that this interface is so similar than IPhone devices. Others user probably don’t take in count all changes made, ‘cause many of them are indistinguishable.

However, one of the most notable changes is the “double green check”. Many users were pending on this indicator when sent messages through this App. Now, with the new Whatsapp’s design, the sending/receiving message indicator is grey.

Some of the new changes are:

  • New fonts: since now, every time you communicate through Whatsapp with you friends, you’ll see that the fonts are little bit bigger and thinner.
  • Renewed Chats: the dialog balloons are flatter and with sober colors.
  • Holo Style: all Whatsapp changes are based in Holo Style.
  • Emoticons: not only were new emoticon added, they were regrouped and redesigned. Besides, they as been moved from the right top corner, to put them into the opposite side.

Until now, this update we find it only in Whatsapp’s official site. By the moment is unavailable in Google Play Store. To start enjoy this new Whatsapp’s version, you can get it from your smartphone or your PC. Remember: you always need to keep enable the “install external Apps” option.

If you still have troubles with Whatsapp installation or download, please check our download page and you’ll find all the solutions here: Download Whatsapp


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  1. Raymond says:

    I like whatapp and i wish to be part of it.

  2. Ruhul Amin says:

    It’s a great news that Whatsapp bring new version. But what is the Holo style? I could not understand. Please can it explain?

  3. Alex Lamptey says:

    whatsapp on my laptop

  4. Alex Lamptey says:

    whatsapp brings friends together

  5. do not know why I am failing to download whatsapp

  6. more friendly and accommodating than other sites I have requested for assistance,thank you

  7. great, İ want to be part of it.

  8. fidela mfere says:

    I like watsapp too

  9. I like whatsapp too

  10. MAYA DEEKAY says:

    WhatsApp is incredible..want it on ma laptop…..

  11. Abdul Sani says:

    I want to download application still no result

  12. Ali says:

    i want to be whatsap fan

  13. kenny says:

    I found it difficult to download your application on my android phone.

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