How does Whatsapp works?

If you’re the kind of people who likes to be always sending SMS, but you have a limit when there are no phone credits. Then Whatsapp emerges as an excellent choice to keep sending messages without pay for them.

Therefore, if you hadn´t use whatsapp before and now you have in your hands a Smartphone, here in Whatsappers we’ll teach you how to get the best of this wonderful messenger´s App. All Smartphones offered in market can allow without any trouble to this App. therefore it doesn’t matter if your device is an Android, BlackBerry, iOS or another. Just prepare you to begin enjoy.

Donwload Whatsapp

To start using Whatsapp and discover all it can offer it’s necessary to have it already installed in your Smartphone. For that reason, first you need to download whatsapp. How? You can do it through Whatsapp’s official site, or by the App Store of your own smartphone. Remember: your smartphone should support WiFi or 3G network connections (or higher) to use it.

Define your status in Whatsapp


whatsapp-screens (1)

Once you have Whatsapp on your device, the next step it’s to define your status, to show all your friends if you’re online, available, busy etc. For that, you must press the “status” button from the Whatsapp menu, and then you can choose one of the pre-defined status, or even better… you‘re able to describe your own status with any text that you want.

Contacts in Whatsapp

Another button we can find in Whatsapp is about the “Favorites”. Automatically, Whatsapp adds all our phone contacts that use Whatsapp and find them by a fast way to be able to start talking with them. In “contact” button, Whatsapp shows us the total contact list form our phone, even if they haven’t Whatsapp installed.

Chat in Whatsapp

To start to get multi-user’s chats with Whatsapp’s contacts, we need to push the botton “chats”. Here we´ll find the contacts that are able to talk with us through Whatsapp, and then we can start to chat with them.


Sending Pictures, videos and more in Whatsapp


With our Whatsapp’s contacts, we are not only able to share text messages, now we have the possibility to send pictures, audio and video in an easy way. How we do that? On the chat window, we press a button that contains an arrow inside. There, we choose the type of file that we want to share with that contact and that’s all. Easy do you?

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