Removing Whatsapp

How to remove Whatsapp from any mobile device?

It is important that any Whatsapperos’ partnership knows how to uninstall Whatsapp, just in case.

It may be many reasons for uninstall Whatsapp: from working failures or technical flaws, or even if we don´t want it anymore in our mobile devices (lol!)

How to do it? Easy!


If you mobile device is…

An Android: you should follow these steps to remove it: go to “settings”>”Apps”>”Whatsapp”>[Uninstall or Remove]. Once these steps are done, restart your device and… it´s done… ready!

An iPhone: (again) you should follow these steps to remove it:

a.)   Before you remove it, you will have an Option to “Send Conversations [chats] by Email”. It´s to make a backup for all your conversations. To do that. Go to: Whatsapp settings> [Send Conversations {chats} by Email].

b.)   To remove Whatsapp from your IPhone…

First, hold pressed Whatsapp’s icon into the home screen, until all icons begin to shake. Then, press “[x]” in the upper left hand corner of Whatsapp’s Icon and then, press “[Remove or Delete]” to uninstall Whatsapp and all its data. By this way you already removed and deleted Whatsapp from Your IPhone.

A BlackBerry: (again) you should follow these steps to remove it:

Choose the Whatsapp’s Icon on the home screen. Then, press the button and choose [Delete or Remove]. To finish, restart your BlackBerry device and it’s done!

A Windows Phone: (it sounds like your teacher) you should follow these steps to remove it:

Press the “start” Windows Button and move the screen to left side. Once done, slide to get the Whatsapp’s Icon, and press it by few seconds. And then choose [uninstall]. By this way you uninstalling was done successfully.

A Nokia: (it sounds like your boss) you should follow these steps to remove it:

If you got a Nokia with a physical keyboard: go to:

Menu>Apps>installations. There you’ll see an App list and then, choose Whatsapp. Then Press [options]>[delete]

If you got a Nokia with a Touch Screen keyboard, go to:

Main menu> Hold your finger over Whatsapp Icon and then choose the option [delete] that it ´ll appear on the Pop-Up (Emerging Window)


For More Information about this service, you can take a look in the Terms and Legal Conditions of Whatsapp Inc. Here



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